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KMC_Day_2-5Quality mathematics education is one of the most important weapons against socio-economic problems facing Africa and a pathway towards innovations and advances in science and technology. Normally, nations are judged by the quality of education that they offer their citizens. To achieve tangible change, the quality of mathematics education must be improved. This realization makes us passionate about the development of mathematics in Africa and thus leading us to initiate projects that are geared towards promoting mathematical literacy in Africa.

Over the last nine years, African Maths Initiative has been holding a week-long maths camp on an annual basis. The camps have been open to high school students, mathematics educators and researchers. Since inception, the maths camp activities have extended from Kenya to Ghana, UK, and Ethiopia. We are excited to extend our activities in Togo and Rwanda this year in August. These camps give students the opportunity to learn mathematics in practical and exciting ways such as gamification, inspiring them to develop a positive attitude towards the discipline. The students and educators are also able to interact and exchange freely with lecturers and researchers from around the world.

The camps have had diverse groups of students from both private and public secondary schools with each camp attracting students from over thirty schools across each country.

The activities at the camp are usually led by a unique breed of local and international volunteers from diverse backgrounds including Mathematics,  Economics and Research, Computer Science, and Social Sciences. These diverse education backgrounds enabled us to engage the students on different mathematical concepts borrowing from all these disciplines.

Preparations to hold mathematics camps in Togo, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya are underway. The camps will be held in August 2019 in these four countries. These camps are open to teachers, lecturers ,and researchers from all parts of the world. It will provide educators and researchers with the platform to interact not only among their peers but most importantly with the students. This will be a great step away from the conventional methods of advocating for change to advocating for new Mathematics learning methods by directly learning with students.  

You can follow the links below to find out more information about the camps! 

Kenya Maths Camp

Allotey Maths Camp (Ghana)

Togo Maths Camp 

Written by Patrick Njoroge

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