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2nd Ethiopia Maths Camp

Due to the success of the 1st Ethiopia Math Camp, which was held in 2013 at Bahir Dar University, a second maths camp was planned so that more students could be exposed the maths camp ideas. The university provided both financial and technical support for this event which took place from 30 June to 13 July 2014. 10 Bahir Dar University maths lecturers and one physics lecturer ran the camp along with 5 international volunteers.

The number of participants at the camp increased from the previous year with 90 students from grades 7 - 11 attending from 19 different schools. Eight of those students had attended the previous year’s camp and were invited back to participate again, but also to act as student leaders due to their experience. Eight secondary school  teachers also attended the camp.

Some sessions from the previous year's camp were kept but the majority of sessions were different from the previous year so that participants were exposed to a new range of topics. Students were introduced to concepts such as functions, tesselations, modular arithmetic, symmetries in groups, modelling, GeoGebra, fractals, infinity, logic games, combinatorics, programming and building a game.

As well as sessions students had a chance to participate in puzzles, sport, and card games as well as an education trip to the Tis Abey Falls, one of Ethiopia's main natural attractions.

For a detailed report, including all sessions, see the Bahir Dar Maths Camp Report 2014.

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