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Maths Clubs in Secondary Schools

A Maths Club session in Rafiki Secondary School, Kitale.

A Maths Club session in Rafiki Secondary School, Kitale.

Over the years, well, the past 9 years to be precise, AMI Maths Camps have proved very successful at changing students’ attitudes towards Math. In many cases, this has led to a marked increase in student performance in mathematics as well as in other subjects. Typically not more than 4 students come from a single school, and students have often expressed wishes that the ideas from the Math Camps could be shared with their classmates back at school.

We set up this initiative which aims to work closely with a select number of schools who had students attend AMI Maths Camps. By supporting existing math clubs in schools, maths camp style activities can be done in school with the aim of also changing attitudes and performance in mathematics and related subjects.

We have already established Math Clubs and supported schools in Kisumu, Nairobi, Kakamega, Vihiga and Trans Nzoia counties with digital and other materials. Once the initial visits were done, activities were left with the students with the aim being that students can work on activities as a group, if they are provided with good resources. With enough resources, this provides sustainability to the math clubs, because external input is not necessary for the math club to run regularly.

A set of activities and resources for math  clubs have been developed, and further monitoring visits will be made to schools to evaluate the resource material before extending the initiative to more school across Kenya and in other countries where Math Camps have been held.

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