Mini Maths Camp for schools

As part of the Maseno maths camp initiative, we are introducing mini maths camps for schools. This idea arose from the overwhelming popularity of the first Maseno Maths Camp and the high demand by schools evidenced in the follow up visits. Unlike the annual event which is hosted at Maseno for a week, schools will have the opportunity to organize this event.

The mini maths camp for schools will be organised as a half day event by the organizing school. The school will have to complete an online application form. The Maseno team will then have a discussion with the school on the appropriate date and time. The activities will reflect the aims of the Maseno maths camp initiative, exposing students to mathematics outside the curriculum to create interest and skills in the subject. The two Maseno maths camp resource DVDs are free to copy and distribute. Teachers will be given a brief introduction to most of these resources and DVD’s will be left with the schools for them to use as they would like.

Any school can apply irrespective of location and available resources, however schools who are a long way from Maseno might want to team up and apply with their neighbors so that a short visit from the team becomes easier. We encourage the organizing school to invite maths teachers from other schools and to take the lead in the organisation at their school. Please note that currently this project is not funded, the Maseno maths camp team are volunteering their time to this project freely so you may need to be flexible in accommodating their availability.

Any comments and/or queries about this exiting event are welcome, as are suggestions for other ways to spread these ideas. You can give us a call or write an email. The addresses are found on the contact us page.

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