American Embassy
The American Embassy generously donated $10,000 to AMI just before the 2012 Maths Camp which enabled 50 students to attend the camp who could not afford to fund themselves. There are exciting plans for the rest of the money and AMI is very grateful for both the donation and the time given up by Raymond Stephens and Monica Munyori to visit the camp.

King’s College School
SAMI would like to thank King’s College School for its assistance funding Santiago Borio to fly to Kenya for the Maths Camp 2012. His presence was hugely beneficial to the students and SAMI appreciates the support.

Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle
A big thanks needs to go to the parents at the Lycee Francais for funding their children to come to the 2012 Maths Camp and for all their support since then. Amy Fletcher and Jeff Goodman have been organising fundraising activities such as a stall at the Christmas Fair, a treasure hunt competition, a maths and cards club and a candygram Valentine’s day, and have been supporting in all their exciting endeavours.

Mathematica – cards and sculptures
One of the highlights of the first maths camp was playing cards every evening, and this was helped by a generous donation of two packs of playing cards for each child from Mathematica. They also donated some dodecahedron sculptures which the students loved, so many thanks for all the support.

Mentoring African Research Mathematics (MARM) grant
Thanks to the London Mathematical Society for sponsoring Abebe Regassa from Ethiopia to attend the 2012 Maths Camp. He was inspired enough to be hosting an Ethiopian Maths Camp in July this year.

Maseno University
Thanks to Maseno University for their continuing support in hosting the camps. We are very grateful to all the staff who helped with accommodation, space and catering. It is an excellent venue for the camp.

Thank you to all the facilitators at both maths camps, from Kenya, UK and America. They made the camps run smoothly and were all so enthusiastic. We appreciate the time they gave and them financing themselves to attend. Thanks to Mike Obiero, David Stern and Emily Hobbs for sponsoring students to attend in the first year.