Responsibilities of a Statistician

Statisticians interpret data and communicate results to their clients, often with the aid of mathematical techniques and software. They ensure that complex statistical concepts are explained in a way the client can understand, and often advise on strategy. Some studies take only a few months to complete, while others take years of work.
General tasks may include:

  • consulting with clients and agreeing what data to collect and how it should be gathered – taking into account any ethical and legislative considerations;
  • designing experiments, trials or surveys to produce the required data;
  • collecting and analysing the data;
  • interpreting the data and making sure that the right decisions are made based on the results;
  • monitoring data collected throughout its shelf-life;
  • presenting results to senior managers, regulatory authorities, clients, etc;
  • advising policymakers on key decisions based on results;
  • carrying out research, often as part of a team;
  • writing reports and articles for publication;
  • presenting findings at conferences both in the UK and abroad.

Depending on your area of work you may be involved in:
providing projections of future student numbers allowing for changes in the birth rate and assessing the number of teachers that will be needed in the sector;
designing experiments to assess the effects of drugs and associated side effects;
designing, implementing and analysing clinical studies;
monitoring, reporting and modelling disease outbreaks;
collecting data to monitor levels of air pollution;
collecting data to measure the toxicity of food additives;
recommending whether certain items should be included in food production, e.g. folic acid in bread making;
checking quality control standards in industry;
designing experiments to improve the quality of new products;
predicting demand for products and services;
analysing data to forecast trends for pension providers;
teaching statistical methods and the theory of statistics.

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  1. I love statistics and it’s my obligation to make you as my colleague to love it and embrace Statistics in your life..become a statistician,transform the world with data.

    Okama Edwin,D.P.R.O

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