Name: Nyapuoch Peter Odhiambo

Mobile: 0708641419

Facebook: Nyapuoch Peter

Twitter: @nyapuochpeter


About Nyapuoch

I am a resident of Kisumu country, born in the 1990s. I schooled in Thurdibuoro Sec. School in Nyakach and later joined Ahero Widows Computer Training project to study certificate in computer application and maintenance. I am currently a second yearStudent at Maseno University pursuing BSc. Applied Statistics with IT.


I am an all-round leader currently holding position as the Assistant Chair Ahero Catholic Alter servers and the class representative 2nd years Applied Statistics Maseno in conjunction with the above.

Skills and Interest

I possess recommendable skills in computer applications, graphics and animation design, photography and highly trained in maintenance and driving at AA driving school, Kisumu branch.

I have great interest in statistical research’s and football as my leisure activity.


My ambition is to enhance good statistical researches for the better future of the statistical field and the surrounding programs.

Motivation factor

The only thing that make one to say yes I have made it is when that person have a successful mind in whatever he or she did because whatever you worked for with your last drop of sweat until you succeed will not only be a history of the book but a history of the memory forever since that thought you conceived and believed you’ve finally achieved!


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