New Semester Events

The Big Statistical Event
The Big Statistical Event

Hello Sasmu members;

This is yet another semester with flashy of activites.Our programs are well plotted and events well plans. If you have not yet registered or renewed your subscription, you are wasting time. Do it now.

Events are already in place. In early September, we already visited KEFRI where we learnt a lot from the experienced statisticians and the other stakeholders in the field.

However, we always have our weekly trainings in the math lab on Thursdays for various statistical packages. Don’t miss this Thursday for plenty of practical knowledge that will help you improve your skills as a statistician or a data scientist.

Furthermore, there is a big event being organized at the campus, venue being at the Trinity place. This is the Statistical Boot camp, hosting statistics students from all over the universities in Kenya. It will take three days but plenty of things will be covered. Guests from various Firms and organizations in the country have been invited to deliver their best to those in attendance.

Entry fee for you who is a registered member is Khs.1500 only. Purpose to attend and remember to invite a friend who is interested in statistics.



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