Initiatives,Programmes and Events.

Amazing things now happening.
SASMU has now moved to a new and wonderful level this year of change,2016.New events are taking place and allowing members and everyone else interested to participate.

On Thursday 17th March 2016,we had our Annual Statistics Day,which was held at the University Boardroom in the Millennium Complex.The function was more than fun.The attendance was wondrous and very encouraging.

This being our first activity of the year,we were given the strength to undertake more of such functions.The main aim being to bring Statistics live in the minds of Students and know exactly how the job market is in need of them.

Special guests attended including our own Chairman Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science,Professor Fred Onyango.The aspiring statisticians were encouraged with his tremendous speech which sunk deep in their minds.

Below are the topics which were discussed in detail and trust me,after attending these sessions I am confident of being a statistician.

    • Data Cleaning using Excel.
    • Data entry,analysis and management using CSPRO, GENSTAT,SPSS
    • Questionnaires
    • Professional Exams in the field of Actuarial Science

There are more of such coming up so if you did not attend the previous ones,this is your time to catch up.All the same ,all is not lost as we have archived the presentations  here.Click this link,or visit the archives tab to downloads the presentations.

One thought on “Initiatives,Programmes and Events.”

  1. Still more to come.
    Fun day at Maseno University.
    Visiting of Maseno School to market Applied Statistics.
    Statistical boot camps.
    Academic trips to statistical firms such as KEMRI,KEFRI,KNBS etc.
    …..and many more,stay tuned for marvellous things.

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