About Us.

The Society of Applied Statistics of Maseno University (SASMU), is an umbrella body for students pursuing B.Sc (Applied Statistics with IT). Its main objective is to collectively enhance the students’ professional scope by liaising with relevant professional individuals, institutions, corporations and companies in the wide area of statistical applications. This, we believe, shall enable the students to acquire first-hand and practical professional advice, information and experience considered essential to better equip them in preparedness for the competitive job market.
The society was formerly known as MUSAS, and with time, it was renamed SASMU. Its membership has noticeably grown over time. In the year 2013 for instance, it had membership of about fifty duly registered students as members. Currently, it has more than one hundred and thirty members.
SASMU has made remarkable achievements which are, holding Annual Statistics Days, organizing motivational talks on behalf of members, taking members out on academic trips, organizing fun and sports days, hosting proposal writing trainings to members among others.
SASMU is currently (2016) under the following executive committee members.




NAME: Benson Kihui Kiarie

Mobile: 0708442995/0787934233

Twitter: @kyhiub

Facebook: Kihiu Benson

LinkedIn: kyhiub





About Benson

I hail from the slopes of the Aberdare Ranges in Nyandarua County. I was born in 1995 .My secondary school was Nyandarua High School .Optic Computer College certified me for a computer packages course. Currently, I am in my final year of BSc. Applied Statistics with IT in Maseno University main campus.

I am currently working under the World Wide Fund project dealing with installing energy saving firewood stoves. I have gained a lot in terms of teamwork and community network building.

I am an enthusiastic and experienced person in the field of data science. My long range practice in the statistics research groups is commendable. I am a real-time problem solver with amassed interest in technology especially data programming. I have perfected my skills in data collection, analysis and presentation. My statistical toolbox comprises of: programming in R, Python; CSpro , Open Data Kit, SPSS, Excel, LaTeX, My SQL and other.

I believe in the power of information and technology .I aim to venture into the Data industry and influence the African community on the need for data science in all the economic aspects.

The Society

SASMU is an effort of our able old men and women who wished to leave a footprint behind Maseno University after their departure. We pledge to keep their dreams alive by enlivening the objectives of the society. The inauguration of the first statistical boot camp in the country is our first target to map the society and impact the feeling that statisticians belong somewhere in this great economy.

Data is the engine, you are the fuel. The question is: are you up to the task?







Mobile: +254-700-198-118


Twitter: @elkanahnyabuto



About Elkanah

I am a 2014 intake student of Maseno University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in applied statistics with IT.

I was born in the 1990s in Kisii County, Kenya


I have practical experience in using the statistical software such as SPSS, CSpro, instant and R. Am a fast learner, an online student learning more on data analysis and programming from top universities in the world.


I am a young statistician who believes in teamwork and corporation, through which we will definitely transform this world using data



Using my motivational skills gained through extensive and several seminars, I wish to encourage all of us to use the data around us to change and improve our country and the world at large.


I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve my statistical skills with this highly IT dynamic world.










NAME: DollycateWanjaNjagi

Mobile: +254-729-671-142



About Wanja

I am an incoming fourth year student taking Bachelor of Science Applied Statistics with IT at Maseno University.

I am a highly innovative, creative and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to secure a permanent position with progressive company. I have proactive management and leadership skills, combined with highly developed organizational skills and the ability to prioritize a substantial workload.

I am trustworthy, hardworking and reliable with excellent communication and IT skills especially on statistical packages and programs e.g.  Cspro, Latex, Python, Odk collect, SPSS, GENSTAT among others. I have commendable skills on data collection, manipulation and analysis.






Secretary General

NAME: David Kamaru Irungu

Family Name: Kamaru

Mobile: +254-703-415-367

Facebook: Kamaru wa Wanjiru


About Kamaru

Was born in the 90’s in Nairobi County. I schooled at Kahawa Garrison Secondary School in Nairobi. Later I joined Mwena Line Agencies where i worked as a Marketing Executive. Currently am a finalist at Maseno University pursuing Bsc Applied statistics with IT.


I am the current secretary general of Society Of Applied Statistics of Maseno University.(SASMU)

I am still a Marketing Executive at Mwema line Agencies. Also the treasurer in the project committee of Central Evangelist Team Maseno (CET).Am a person who likes seeing things being in order and done well, self driven and responsible.


Skills and interests

I have competent skills in some  statistical packages including CSpro, Excel, R, SPSS, Genstat and programming knowledge in C.I also have interest in sports, making music and also teaching.


Ambitions and Drives

My ambition is to make the world a better place than I found it and to die empty having given out everything that I have. To cooperate with every member that i come about and share ideas to help lighten the future generations.


Don’t die old, die empty. That’s the goal of life. Go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard. – Dr. Myles Munroe



Name: Nyapuoch Peter Odhiambo

Mobile: 0708641419

Facebook: Nyapuoch Peter

Twitter: @nyapuochpeter



About Nyapuoch

I am a resident of Kisumu country, born in the 1990s. I schooled in Thurdibuoro Sec. School in Nyakach and later joined Ahero Widows Computer Training project to study certificate in computer application and maintenance. I am currently a second yearStudent at Maseno University pursuing BSc. Applied Statistics with IT.


I am an all-round leader currently holding position as the Assistant Chair Ahero Catholic Alter servers and the class representative 2nd years Applied Statistics Maseno in conjunction with the above.

Skills and Interest

I possess recommendable skills in computer applications, graphics and animation design, photography and highly trained in maintenance and driving at AA driving school, Kisumu branch.

I have great interest in statistical research’s and football as my leisure activity.


My ambition is to enhance good statistical researches for the better future of the statistical field and the surrounding programs.

Motivation factor

The only thing that make one to say yes I have made it is when that person have a successful mind in whatever he or she did because whatever you worked for with your last drop of sweat until you succeed will not only be a history of the book but a history of the memory forever since that thought you conceived and believed you’ve finally achieved!



Public Relations Officer (PRO)

NAME: Samson Sifa Kazungu

Family Name: Dume

Mobile: 0700101651/ 0770154231

Facebook: Samson Sifa

Twitter: @samsonsifa



About Sifa:

I am a resident of Kilifi County, a young man born in the 1990s. I schooled in Barani Secondary in Malindi and later joined AMURT Computer College where I did certificate in computer application. I later proceeded to do a diploma in computer maintenance and graphic design at Prudent Computers and Technology collage Mombasa. I am a highly business oriented man with a Certificate in Business Management and entrepreneurial skills from AMURT Malindi. I am currently a finalist student of BSc. Mathematical Science with IT in Maseno University.


Currently I am the technician at Cubic Digital Enterprises (C.D.E) and sales and marketing personnel of Cubic Business Enterprises (C.B.E) based in Darsalaam Tanzania. In addition I am a self-driven leader in both religious and political platforms with a current stand as the chairperson Maseno University Coast Students Association. I am also the Project Committee coordinator of Uttermost Evangelistic Team Maseno Branch.

Skills and Interests

I am highly skilled in computer application, web design, graphic and animation design and photography and videography. Additionally I have efficient practical skills in statistical packages that include CSpro, Excel, R, SPSS, Genstat and programming knowledge in C++, python, java, HTML, PHP. I am interested in I.T and music. I am also a peer counselor.


Ambition and drives

My ambition is to impact change in the upcoming generation through data and technology. I believe that as long as I can learn, I can share for the better of others and if I can share then I must change not only myself but also others.


I will go anywhere as long as it is forward! –David Livingston



Deputy Public Relations Officer (D.P.R.O)


Name: Okama A Edwin

Nickname: Kangaroo

Mobile: +254-702-574-114



Facebook: Okama Edwin


About Okama

I am a student at Maseno University taking a bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics with I.T.


I am an open-minded, friendly and resourceful project leader with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in life. I have excellent skills in motivational speaking and public speaking; coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, therefore ensuring an excellent working environment for all members of the team to perform at their best.

I am an outgoing leader who accepts challenge and correction.


Only in the darkness can you see the stars. –Martin Luther King Jr






Third years’ class rep

Name:                      Faith Gakii Mwilaria

Mobile:                    0718034140

Facebook:               fay mwilaria

Twitter:                    kikie_faith

Instagram:              kikie_faith



I am a resident of Meru, Kenya born in the 1990s. I went to Mbeu Mwalimu Acedemy for my primary education and thereafter joined Chogoria Girls’ High School for my secondary education where I completed in 2012. I am currently a finalist at Maseno University pursuing Bsc. Applied statistics with IT.


I have efficient practical skills in statistical packages amongst them CSpro, Excel, R, SPSS and GENSTAT. I am also equipped with programming knowledge in python and C++.


I am a lady of high integrity, self-driven, committed team leader and an open-minded. I am smart and a hardworking young. I am a social person and have a great friendly personality. Finally I am an optimist who believes that good can come out of the worst.


I love singing and listening to music. I love adventure and enjoy learning new ideas and being more knowledgeable.


My ambition is to make the world a better place through data knowledge and technology.

-It’s achievable, play your part!








First Years Class Rep



Mobile:  +254-713-465-676,



About Lynn


I was born in mid 1990s in Kisumu County, Kenya.

I am currently a student of Maseno University 2015 intake pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in applied statistics with IT and a former student of Lions High School in Kisumu where I acquired my interest in data and mathematics generally. I am a time keeper and self-driven young lady.


I am a fast learner and an interactive young statistician who believes in my potential, the power of knowledge and team work through which we can transform this world using data.

I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve my statistical skills in this highly IT dynamic world.




I wish to encourage all of us to use the data around us to change and improve our country and the world at large.


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss