SASMU 2016 Chapter

The Society of Applied Statistics of Maseno University (SASMU), is an umbrella body for students pursuing B.Sc (Applied Statistics with IT). Its main objective is to collectively enhance the students’ professional scope by liaising with relevant professional individuals, institutions, corporations and companies in the wide area of statistical applications. This, we believe, shall enable the students to acquire first-hand and practical professional advice, information and experience considered essential to better equip them in preparedness for the competitive job market.
The society was formerly known as MUSAS, and with time, it was renamed SASMU. Its membership has noticeably grown over time. In the year 2013 for instance, it had membership of about fifty duly registered students as members. Currently, it has more than one hundred and thirty members.
SASMU has made remarkable achievements which are, holding Annual Statistics Days, organizing motivational talks on behalf of members, taking members out on academic trips, organizing fun and sports days, hosting proposal writing trainings to members among others.
SASMU is currently (2016)under the following executive committee members:

  • Benson Kihiu – Chairman
  • David Muturi  – Vice-chairman
  • Elkanah Nyabuto  –  Secretary
  • David Kamaru –  Secretary General
  • Tanui Manasseh –  Organizing Secretary
  • Samson Sifa – Public Relations Officer
  • Okama Edwin- Deputy Public Relations Officer
  • Dollycate Wanja – Treasurer
  • Faith Gakii –  Fourth year Representative
  • David Ndiritu –  Third year Representative
  • Lynn Melany –  Second year Representative
  • Peter Nyapuoch – Custodian
  • Meryl Florence – First year Representative.

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