Hello, We are AE Hub

We serve the agroecology community, by connecting organizations and people, promoting agroecology practices that are relevant to the current and emerging trends and being ahead of the curve of innovation.

Who we are

Founded in 2019, AE Hub is an Eastern African recognized organization that is deeply steeped in the local agroecology innovation culture. We are nurturing the best agroecology practices; one that constantly challenges and influences best agricultural practices; one that can be replicated across the continent, as we believe that agroecology will play a critical role in shaping future agricultural practices globally.

AE Hub aims to become the best Eastern African support system for agroecology focused organizations and individuals who aspire to practice best agricultural practices.. We will create an environment of trust and experimentation that will be focused on the idiosyncrasies of our local ecosystem in Eastern Africa at first, but will venture out across the continent and beyond.


The AE Hub offers a mix of creative work spaces and meeting rooms. Located in Manor House Centre, Kitale, AE Hub is surrounded by lush greenness and great views of Kitale farm lands.

We have about 41 acres of land, which include meeting rooms, guests houses, co-working space, research fields… and an outdoor terrace. AE Hub members will be able to access all our facilities including 24/7 access and subsidized rates.

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We partner with brands we believe in because great things come from being inspired.

McKnight FoundationManor House Agricultural Centre
IDEMS International



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