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Africa Science Week-Kenya to kick off in December

St Philips high Tuyoo-Kony. School. Kitale students learning programming using Edison Robots during Africa Code Week Supported by Google.

High school girls from Tuyoo Kony High School , Kitale learning programming using Edison robots during a previous STEM and digital literacy awareness event.

A first ever African Science Week-Kenya is set to take place in December. It is a program that is in-kind and financially supported by L’Oreal Foundation, the Next Einstein Forum, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and the Mawazo Institute.This is a great opportunity to give young people a chance to gain first-hand experience of some of the key methods and practices in Math and Sciences.

This week long  celebration is aimed at raising youth awareness on the benefits of science and appreciate the role of Mathematics in the society. This event is held annually in different countries throughout Africa. This year 35 African countries will be participating.

The theme of this year’s events is ‘Science at Work’. There will be a number of activities that will take place across the country and highlight science at work in different areas in the Kenyan society.

This will be through numerous workshops and interactive events throughout the week where researchers, scientists and students will be engaged and exposed to STEM related fields.

We are delighted to be one of the organizations taking part in this great initiative where we shall be engaging secondary school students in an all girls residential math camp in Kitale Kenya. We shall be demystifying the notion that STEM related subjects are tough through introduction and exposure to innovative learning methods. The girls will explore programming, robotics, mathematical thinking, statistics, modeling, cryptography, mathematical games and more. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to use computers and the internet to do research and interact will local Math experts.

African Maths Initiative (AMI) has been working in Africa for eight years in the fields of Science and Mathematics through programs that promote Mathematical literacy through innovative learning methods while targeting students, teachers, researchers and lecturers.

You can learn more about events and activities that will be taking place during Africa Science Week-Kenya here.

Written by Patrick Njoroge


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