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Mathematics in the Historic Environment

Many a time Mathematics has been presented in stereotypical texts and styles that feature this subject as difficult and seems impossible to some group of individuals. As we explore this subject at different academic levels as educators, let’s try and make learning easier and fun by exploring some of its related indoors and outdoors activities. […]

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Making Maths an everywhere activity.

Mathematics is an interesting subject; it is all about curiosity and finding solutions. There's always an equation to solve or an x to be found or a theorem to prove. People's attitude towards mathematics is what makes them think of it as easy and fun or challenging and boring. We tend to develop stronger opinions […]

African Code Week Supported by Google Kicks Off in Kitale

  We are excited to take part in this year’s African Code Week in a program supported by Google from 16th-20th October. African Code Week is an incentive to promote education, innovation and inspiration among young learners across 35 African countries to explore the world of coding. Our activities are being carried out at Manor […]

Big Data and Anti-Corruption: R-Instat already creating Impact in Europe

As part of the anti-corruption module of the International Masters in Public Procurement Management at the University of Tor Vergata Rome, Mihaly Fazekas, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK)  who has been pioneering the use of 'Big Data' for social sciences research, especially for measuring and analyzing corruption and administrative  quality […]

Over the past two weeks, I have been involved in a research that is still ongoing and I just find it amazing. We are trying to find out different farming systems and feeding modes amongst smallholder farmers. This is focusing on Trans Nzoia county and its first phase is to last for the next 9 […]