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1st Ethiopia Maths Camp

During the 2nd Maseno Maths Camp, a delegate from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, Abebe Regassa, attended the camp after finding it advertised online. So impressed by the activities that took place at the camp, that when he went back to his university, he shared the experiences with his colleagues and organised for Bahir Dar University to host a Maths Camp as part of their outreach. With the support of AMI, the camp was organised for 8 to 14 July 2013, with a preparation week held the week before.

A total of 65 students from 13 different schools attended the camp, as well as 16 teachers accompanying the students. The students were of all ages from grades 7-12. Supporting the 10 Bahir Dar lecturers running the camp were seven international volunteers at the camp from Kenya, Europe and USA and Canada.

The aims and focus of the camp were consistent with that of the previous Maseno Maths Camps and students participated in a range of activities including: Pascal’s triangle, Fibonacci numbers, Binomial expansion, Rules, Golden ratios, Permutations, Combinations, Construct triangles, Programming symmetry, History of numbers, Fermat Fermat’s number, Numbers and numerals.

More a detailed report, including all delivered sessions, please see the Bahir Dar Maths Camp Report 2013.

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