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1st Ghana Maths Camp

At the 3rd Maseno Maths Camp, one of the international volunteers was Francis Torgbor, a graduate of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, (AIMS) Ghana. As had happened the previous year with a visitor from Ethiopia, Francis was impressed with the activities, sessions and ideas of the maths camp, and wanted Ghanaian students to have the same opportunity and exposure. With the support of AMI, a camp was planned to be held on the campus of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) at the University Practice High School (UPHS) with further support from AIMS-Ghana.

Organisers of the camp were from a variety of organisations including, The Mathematics Students Association of Ghana (MASAG-UCC), alumnus of AIMS Ghana and an AIMS tutor, local teachers, Vedic Math, Ghana, and AMI international volunteers.

32 students attended the camp from 18 different schools. The students were from grades ranged from age 16 to 19 and came from diverse locations including, Cape Coast, Accra, Kumasi and Volta region. Three secondary school teachers also attended the camp.

Themes for the camp were chosen from the broad bank of sessions that have accumulated over previous maths camps in Kenya and Ethiopia where sessions have been tried and tested by experienced teachers. Sessions included: code breaking, modular arithmetic, programming, statistics using Gapminder, logic games, combinatorics as well as puzzles, card games and sport.

For a detailed report, including sessions details, see the Ghana Maths Camp 2014 Report.

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