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4th Maseno Maths Camp

The 2014 Maths Camp held at Maseno University was the fourth time the camp had been run in successive years. The camp was run by AMI and Maseno university lecturers with the support of Supporting African Maths Initiatives (SAMI), the African institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) as well previous students of the camp who are now university students at Maseno and other universities in Kenya..

45 students from 29 different schools attended the camp. The students were from Forms 1, 2, 3 and 4 and ranged in age from 14 to 20. Seven secondary school teachers also attended the camp and as well as being involved in the activities, separate sessions were dedicated for teachers to plan how AMI can continue to support initiatives in schools after the camp.

With many returning students who had attended previous camps, all new themes and sessions were needed for the 4th Maseno Maths Camp. Students were exposed to themes including: Mathematical Thinking, where they were taught how to reason logically and be systematic, Modelling, Game Theory, Statistics, using interactive software such as Tinker Plots and Gapminder and Geometry.

Students received a resource DVD at the end of the camp and it was agreed AMI volunteers would follow up with students in their schools and support similar activities through maths clubs.

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