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The idea for a mathematics camp developed from the need to create a forum where mathematics could be discussed and explored at the secondary level in such a way to show that there is more to maths than calculations and rote learning. The aim of the camp is to expose young minds to new ideas in mathematics relevant to the world we live in and to encourage an attitude change towards mathematics and its usefulness. To that end, we have developed a one-week retreat for secondary school students, focusing on problem solving, promoting play and experimentation, and using computers to explore mathematical ideas. Our goal is to spark a life-long love for mathematics in students, which will both improve their performance in school and increase the chances that they will pursue maths and science in the longer term. We also encourage the participation of school teachers in order to expose them to innovative teaching methods and computer methods.

The first maths camp was in Maseno University, Kenya in 2011. Since then Maseno University has hosted a maths camp every year. The AMI Maths Camps have proved very successful at changing students’ attitudes about maths. In many cases, this has led to a marked increase in student performance in mathematics as well as in other subjects. Because of this success, the camps have spread to other countries. In 2013 Ethiopia hosted their first AMI Maths Camp, which was repeated the following year and in August 2014 the first Ghana Maths Camp was held. For 2015 we are already planning to expand the maths to Tanzania, as well as continuing the existing camps.

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