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The Challenge

For many under resourced Kenyan secondary schools it is rare for students to attain the grades needed to progress to university.

Data shows that mathematics is often the single greatest barrier to progression. On a case by case basis change is possible, but the challenge is to impact this situation with a scalable intervention.

The Initiative

A 3 phase process, developing a cost-effective implementation methodology to impact mathematics results in low resourced schools. Past experience shows that affecting both teacher and student motivation are key.

Technology can facilitate this process by both improving student feedback and easing teacher workload.


The first phase would be to implement locally to identify key barriers in to going to scale. The second phase would be to develop resources and methodologies to overcome those barriers while testing in the hardest cases. The third phase would be to test resources and methods across the country.

Based on current knowledge the intervention would be based on a low cost mobile lab with central ‘server’ that has occasional internet access.

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