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Two face-to-face statistics courses were converted into facilitated, part-time e-learning courses and offered to several cohorts of African students. They were developed by the Statistical Services Centre (SSC) University of Reading. Maseno University got involved through a group of Statistics MSc. students who were offered free places and this led to joint giving of the courses in Kenya by SSC and Maseno.

eSMS (Statistics Made Simple) is one of the courses. This is a basic statistics course which was originally designed to improve statistics knowledge and understanding for doctorate students before they started their projects. Over time, the target audience has broadened to include people working on scientific projects. When the course was advertised in Kenya, it attracted so many participants from a wide range of disciplines and this first cohort of students graduated in 2011. The course has not run again but will soon be given.

The other course is called eSIAC (Statistics in Applied Climatology). This is a statistics coursedesigned to help people working in climate change related disciplines such as agriculture, meteorology etc with the analysis of climate data. SSC has been running the course in the UK but of recent Maseno University has been involved in giving the course in the East African Region. The most recent run in Kenya was given to grantees of a Rockefeller Foundation funded project. This was followed by a face-to-face run at Egerton University.

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One thought on “Statistics E-learning

  • Wilson Nene says:

    Dear Prof. Roger Stern et al
    We real appreciate for the last e-siac conducted to Tanzanian participants. Can you please look for source of fund so that you conduct a similar program? As many of Tanzanian are highly demanding the same


    Dr. Nene

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