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Climate Rainfall Data

The following Farmers rainfall data - 2014.11.07 (csv) is daily climate records for 40 farmers in Nyando region in Kenya, between March and September 2014. This is data as a result of the CCAFS/Maseno University project on Climate Information Services. All data was recorded by the farmers themselves, but was entered into ODK.


This data is in CSV format, and not in a list format. The columns represent variables on the unique ID, year, month, and different days of the month. Missing values and non-existent values (like Feb 30) have been represented by -9999.


The GPS coordinates for the farmers has been provided in the Farmers data coordinates (csv) file that accompanies it.

Terms of Use

This data is not restricted to distribution. However, in case it is used for publication, then the appropriate crediting should be done to CCAFS/Maseno University.


Farmers rainfall data - 2014.11.07 (csv)

Farmers data coordinates (csv)

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