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Computer-Assisted Statistics Teaching (CAST)

What it is


The lack of textbooks is a limiting factor in designing training courses in many developing countries. Books provide a valuable resource for students to learn for themselves.1

CAST stands for Computer-Assisted Statistics Textbooks and consists of a collection of electronic textbooks (e-books). Three e-books cover material in introductory statistical methods courses with data and scenarios from different application areas. Other e-books teach more advanced topics.

  • Dynamic graphics explain difficult concepts -- most pages have animations, simulations or other dynamic displays
  • CAST is highly interactive to help keep interest and improve learning
  • The approach is data-focused with many data sets2

The CAST textbooks are free and AMI has used them to enhance students' understanding of statistics concepts in secondary schools and university.

How to get it

CAST can be accessed online or downloaded to use offline at the follow address:

"CAST can be used without charge under a Creative Commons Licence. This allows users to freely download, copy and use CAST provided it is fully attributed to the author. However the complete CAST package must not be modified and no parts of CAST may used independently of it."



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