Welcome to the annual Kenya Maths Camp
Next maths camp to be held on 12th – 24th  August 2019 at Manor House Agricultural College, Kitale Kenya.

KMC Day 4-5

Why should you attend the camp? 

  • It will be a unique opportunity for high school students in Kenya and beyond to have their eyes opened to the world of mathematics.
  • You will experience a computer based environment with the latest mathematical software and machines such as robots. 
  • You will meet mathematics educators, lecturers and researchers from around the world.
  • You will explore and learn ways in which mathematics is being used in different areas such as  robotics, programming, mathematical modelling, statistics, research, health, agriculture, modelling among other fields. 

Any piece of technology that you use today has been made possible through the advances in mathematical knowledge. Projections for the growth of a country are based on mathematical models. Research in any subject requires diverse mathematical skills. This makes us passionate about mathematics. We see how it has become entwined in all walks of life and we would like to share this passion for mathematics with you.

This Maths Camp will hope to spark in you an increased interest in Maths that will be essential in the modern world which relies on it. This camp is also meant to demystify that Mathematics is a tough subject. Irrespective of whether you attend a camp or not, we hope this website will encourage you to explore mathematics beyond the classroom. Look at the free resources which will expand your mind and encourage you to find out what thinking mathematically really means.
There is no escaping mathematics, and once you understand it you would not want to.