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Maxwell Fundi

Africa Code Week-21I am a software developer in the software development team at AMI. I am passionate about technology and is always on the lookout to tap into any relevant technology related opportunities. It is because of this interest that I enrolled and graduated with a BSc (Information Technology) degree from Maseno University, Kenya.

Fuelled by this passion, I volunteered to serve as a Google student ambassador during one year of my undergraduate studies, and as an Intel student partner in the following year. I was also involved in organizing several tech and development boot-camp events at the Campus.

It was in this spirit of volunteering and interest in technology that I joined AMI in 2015 as an intern. I am involved in the AMI African Data Initiative and part of the team that has developed R-Instat and climsoft software. I have also trained users of the software in Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda and it has been a notably enjoyable experience for me.

I am also interested in the use of technology for education and hence involved with the annual math camps and the use of technology for schools’ initiatives.

Besides technology and education, I would also love to have an opportunity to be a long-distance truck driver.