African Maths Initiative

Sharing Initiatives in Maths Education

Michael Mumbo

PWUg-4I am a mathematics enthusiast who is passionate about using technology to reduce negative perceptions towards mathematical sciences. I graduated with a degree in BSc (Mathematical Sciences with IT) from Maseno University, Kenya and during my studies, I volunteered at various AMI school outreach initiatives.

In the course of being involved in the school outreach initiatives, specifically math camps, I developed an interest in full-time volunteering with AMI and hence joined them after my studies as an AMI intern.

Apart from the school outreach initiatives, I am also involved with the digital community initiative.  My interests in these initiatives have led me to develop a passion for mentoring both students and community members to get to the next level and achieve their full potential.

My continued passion for making mathematical science relevant has led to my current pursuit for an e-learning course in education technology.  I hope to continually develop my skills while also being involved in various AMI initiatives.